Hollywood Hypocrite Jim Carrey Called Out For Promoting Socialism – By A Journalist From Venezuela

During a recent appearance on the Bill Maher show, Hollywood multi-millionaire Jim Carrey suggested that Americans should embrace socialism. Apparently, now that he’s a wealthy man, he wants everyone else to embrace poverty.

Surprisingly, Carrey got called out for his comments by a journalist from Venezuela, a country so damaged by socialism that people are resorting to eating their family pets and zoo animals.

LifeZette reports:

Journalist Goes Nuclear on Jim Carrey — Furious He Said Socialism Was Good

Just one mere week after actor-turned-activist Jim Carrey suggested people should say “say yes to socialism,” a Venezuelan journalist is pushing back hard on that suggestion.

“We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything,” Carrey, who is among the richest celebrities in all of Hollywood, declared last week on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” show.

“We have to stop apologizing,” he also said.

He made that comment after host Bill Maher expressed outrage that Republicans are attacking Democrats who veer toward the extreme and express a love for socialism — a model of government that has destroyed other countries.

Venezuelan columnist Laureano Márquez, in a piece published in the outlet Runrunes, declared that socialism is the root cause of that country’s current economic crisis…

“I read that … you said: ‘We have to say yes to socialism, to the word [‘socialism’] and to everything.’ Perhaps for you, as for all humanity, the word ‘socialism’ sounds beautiful,” he went on.

The Venezuelan writer then explained that while many people define socialism as “the antithesis of selfishness, synonym of concern for others … support for the weakest and their needs, of seeking health and education for all,” in reality socialism today has “deep threats,” said the writer.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

“In Venezuela, we have grown to hate the word socialism, it represents oppression against the people, the destruction of a flourishing nation, and the desperation of its citizens,” Márquez concludes.

Why do so many people in the entertainment industry fancy themselves policy experts? They come off like college sophomores who have just discovered political activism for the first time.

In Carrey’s case in particular, his embrace of far left progressivism has severely damaged the public’s good will. His recent lack of success at the box office is a reflection of that.



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