FIGURES. Christine Ford’s Attorney is Unhinged Nutbag — Seen at Anti-Trump Protest Spouting Off “Resist” Garbage (VIDEO)

In the past week anti-Trump activist Christine Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of groping her over her swimsuit sometime around 36 years ago at an unknown place. The three men she accused of being present during the incident have all vehemently denied her accusations.

Ford picked at least two far left attorneys to represent her and top Democrat advisers helped her plot her strategy to stall the process and smear Judge Kavanaugh.

If Ford and Democrats get away with this it will set a dangerous and frightening precedent for every American – male or female. Men will risk being destroyed by accusers who can’t remember where or when an alleged incident took place and without a shred of evidence. It is absurd! And yet this is today’s Democrat Party.

Ford and her attorneys continue to delay the process in hopes of ending Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. According to Tucker Carlson, Democrats know if they delay the Kavanaugh vote for another week his confirmation process will be over.


And it should be NO SURPRISE that Attorney Debra Katz is an unhinged loon who attends anti-Trump rallies in Washington DC.

Daily Caller caught the wild-eyed attorney at an anti-Trump White House protest spouting off “resist” garbage to the cameras.

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