Exclusive: Swedish Voter and AfS Supporter Describes the Decline of Sweden Through Globalist Open Border Policies

Swedish voter explains the stark reality of life in Sweden after years of liberal globalist open border policies.

In early September The Gateway Pundit reported on a violent confrontation at an Alternative for Sweden (AfS) rally in Western Sweden.

Angry migrants beat the AfS politicians and chased them down the street in Uddavalla.
The AfS opposes unrestricted open border policies of the ruling elites.

Angry Migrants Punch Anti-Immigrant Party Member in Face at Swedish Rally — Migrant Mob Chases Them Down Street

Following this article a local from Uddevalla wrote us to tell about the decline of Sweden.

After an email exchange he agreed to contribute this report to The Gateway Pundit.


I was born in Uddevalla referred to above and grew up nearby. I also did my obligatory one year military service in Uddevalla. Uddevalla and the area around it were wonderful and very safe places to live in.

I moved to Gothenburg to study, 60 miles south of Uddevalla, where I still live. I worked at the local University. In 1985 a professor from Yale, visited me. He praised Gothenburg and the area as ideal and safe to live in and noted we were lucky not to have any ethnic minorities.

When I visited many states in USA twice a few years later the professor advised not to travel to many specific areas. In 1989 one of his PhD students came to work with me for two years. The student asked me a stunning question. What areas in Gothenburg were safe to live in for him and his wife.
I did not understand the question because all Gothenburg was safe. Sweden was at that time a safe and successful country envied by other countries.

Nowadays, only a few small areas in Gothenburg are safe. Fortunately, I live in one of them.
Most of Sweden is unsafe and unbearable to live in compared 30 years ago. Sweden with originally 8 millions inhabitants has since then taken in about 2 millions many of them illegal economic migrants disguised as refugees. Sweden is rightfully used as a very bad example by president Trump and others.

The responsible for the influx of migrants are the seven old political parties and MSM which have all advocated open borders as well as hiding resulting grave problems. The politicians and MSM have all behaved as crazy as the present left part of the democrats and MSM in USA.

The Anti-Immigrant Party, Alternative for Sweden, you wrote about was founded just 6 months ago.
The leader Gustav Kasselstrand and the candidates are much smarter and more competent than the candidates of the old parties. They want to solve the migration problem.

Alternative for Sweden has been inspired by Trump in their campaign towards the general election at September 9. Sweden first, Make Sweden Great Again, 50 political rallies all over Sweden in just a month, a stronger Defense, close the borders, send illegals and foreign criminals back and so on.

I leave out my name because I do not want to be harassed by the swedish government, MSM or left wing lunatics. This is a risk if you complain about migration or related problems.

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