Elections Matter: Alabama Democrat Senator Doug Jones Calls for Delay in Kavanaugh Vote & FBI Investigation of Non-Crime

Elections Matter.
The Jeff Sessions curse continues to haunt America.

Alabama Senator Doug Jones went one with Neil Cavuto on FOX Business Channel on Wednesday to discuss the 36-year-old developing accusations by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Jones squeaked out a win against Judge Roy Moore for the seat earlier this year after Democrats ran unproven allegations against the Alabama judge.

On Wednesday Jones called for a delay in the Kavanaugh vote and an FBI investigation into the 36-year-old ever-changing allegations by an anti-Trump activist against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE this incident is real and EVERY WITNESS or POTENTIAL WITNESS has refuted the far left activist’s claims.

Doug Jones: I think it would be incredibly unfortunate to go forward with this nomination on the floor.

Jones is Alabama’s first Democrat senator in years.
Elections have consequences.

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