DISGUSTING: Open Borders Claire McCaskill Lies to Missourians on Her Immigration Record in New TV Ad — Is Against Trump Border Wall

Liberal Senator Claire McCaskill is a far left hack who has NEVER disappointed the Democrat Party.
When they need a vote — Claire is there for them.

Claire McCaskill gets most of her donations from Hollywood elites.
But come election time Claire McCaskill comes back to Missouri and pretends to be one of the people.

This past week Claire McCaskill launched an ad with Border Patrol agents pretending to be tough on immigration.
This could be Claire McCaskill’s worst lie to date…

McCaskill has openly and repeatedly mocked President Trump’s border wall.
McCaskill told CBS News that Trump’s border wall is “embarrasing” and “it’s not going to happen.”

It is stunning the border patrol would throw their support behind open borders Claire McCaskill?

Here are the facts on Claire McCaskill and border security.

The Josh Howley campaign released this rebuttal to Claire’s outrageous lie!

COLUMBIA, Mo. – In a new TV ad about border security, Senator Claire McCaskill is lying to Missourians about her record.

Hawley Campaign Press Secretary Kelli Ford said, “Claire McCaskill will do anything to hold on to power, even lie to Missourians about her record on immigration. She isn’t tough on border security. She’s weak and her record proves it. She thinks the border wall is ‘embarrassing,’ has flip-flopped on sanctuary cities, refuses to ask who is and isn’t a citizen, and wants to pass catch-and-release legislation. Instead of standing for security, she stood with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

“That record would get her re-elected in New York or California, but not Missouri, and Senator McCaskill knows it. That’s exactly why she is trying to deceive voters about her work on immigration. She has richly earned the title of the most unpopular senator on a ballot this fall because she doesn’t stand with Missouri, she only cares about opposing President Trump. And she’s willing to sacrifice our safety and security in order to make that happen.”


CLAIM: She Was One Of Only Four Democrats To Vote To End Sanctuary Cities.

FACT: McCaskill Flip-Flopped On Withholding Certain Law Enforcement Grants For Sanctuary Cities.

In February 2018, McCaskill Voted For Cloture On The Toomey Amendment That Would Make Sanctuary Cities Ineligible For Certain Federal Law Enforcement Grants. (S.Amdt. 1948 To S.Amdt. 1959 To H.R. 2579, Roll Call Vote #34: Cloture Motion Rejected 54-45, 2/15/18, McCaskill Voted Yea; CQ Summary, Accessed 2/16/18)

Previously, McCaskill Voted Twice Against Cloture On The Motion To Proceed To Bills That Would Withhold Federal Law Enforcement Grants For Sanctuary Cities:

  • In July 2016, McCaskill Voted Against Cloture On The Motion To Proceed To A Bill That Would Make Sanctuary Cities Ineligible For Certain Federal Law Enforcement Grants. (S. 3100, Roll Call Vote #119: Cloture On The Motion To Proceed Rejected 53-44, 7/6/16, McCaskill Voted Nay; CQ Summary, 7/6/16)
  • In October 2015, McCaskill Voted Against Cloture On The Motion To Proceed To A Bill That Would Withhold Certain Federal Law Enforcement Funds For Sanctuary Cities. (S. 2146, Roll Call Vote #280: Cloture On The Motion To Proceed Rejected 54-45, 10/20/15, McCaskill Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 1/15/16)

FACT: McCaskill Also Voted Against Cutting COPS Program Funding For Sanctuary Cities.

In 2007, McCaskill Voted Against The Vitter Amendment That Would Block Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Funding To Communities That Refused To Help With Federal Enforcement Of Immigration Law. (S. Amdt. 3277 To H.R. 3093, Roll Call Vote #370, Motion To Table Agreed To 52-42, 10/16/07, McCaskill Voted Yea; CQ Summary, Accessed 7/21/16)

CLAIM: [McCaskill] Votes To Secure Our Border. We Endorse President Trump And Claire McCaskill Because Of Their Records On Border Security.

FACT: McCaskill Is Not Supportive Of President Trump’s Border Wall.

  • McCaskill On Border Wall: “It’s Embarrassing. It’s Not Going To Happen.” “‘It’s embarrassing,’ McCaskill said. ‘It’s not going to happen. Everybody in Congress knows it’s not going to happen…. It appears the only person who won’t say it out loud is the president.’” (CBS News, 4/5/17)

FACT: McCaskill Opposes Asking Citizenship Status In The U.S. Census.

MCCASKILL: “I do think there’s going to be litigation over it. Yeah, California filed suit saying that it was unconstitutional because it was depressing the count. It is I believe blatantly partisan.” (Claire McCaskill, Remarks, Springfield, MO, 3/27/18)

CLAIM: Take It From Us, No Senator Is Tougher On Securing The Border Than Claire McCaskill.

FACT: McCaskill Is A Current Co-Sponsor Of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Open Borders Bill.

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