Christine Ford Says She Came Forward because Reporters Were Sitting Outside Her Home, Stalking Her at Work (VIDEO)

Christine Blasey Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday she came forward because reporters were sitting outside her house and stalking her at class.

Ford testified today that Brett Kavanaugh abused her 36 years ago. She remembered the abuse 6 years ago. She has no witnesses. Every alleged witness has vehemently denied her story.

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: How did you decide to come forward?

DR. FORD: Ultimately because reporters were sitting outside of my home on the front–trying to talk to my dog through the window, to calm the dog down—and a reporter appeared in my graduate classroom, and I mistook her for a student, and she came up to ask me a question and I thought that she was a student and it turned out that she was a reporter. So, at that point I felt like enough was enough. People were calling my colleagues at Stanford and leaving messages on their voicemails and on their emails, saying that they knew my name. Clearly, people knew my address because they were out in front my house. And it just—the mounting pressure, seemed like it was time to just say what I needed to say.

FEINSTEIN: I’m sorry.

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