Cover-Up: Media Refused to Publish Photos of Security Breach Showing Photojournalist Handing Folder to Trump at White House Event

The Washington Post reported Tuesday about a security breach last week involving the media and President Trump that went unreported because the media feared losing access. A credentialed photographer with the Epoch Times, Samira Bouaou, left the photographer area and entered a secure zone where she handed a purple folder to President Trump as he left a Congressional Medal of Honor Society Reception in the East Room last Wednesday. Numerous photographers took photos of the incident, including photos that showed Trump accepting the folder, but they were not published.

The Post reported only one photo, by the AP, of the woman and the folder could be found to have been published. However that photo showed her holding the folder at a safe distance from Trump:

The AP caption did not report the security breach: “President Trump leaves after speaking during a Congressional Medal of Honor Society Reception in the East Room of the White House on Sept. 12. (AP)”


After the Post published their report Tuesday, the AP released another photo they had been withholding from publication that showed the security breach by the photographer.

The Post buried the news that the security breach was covered-up by the media at the very end of the report:

Though news photographers captured images of the moment when Bouaou handed Trump the folder, none appears to have been published, even on news wire services. One photograph from the Associated Press that was distributed on the wire service shows Bouaou, a camera hanging from her shoulder, holding the folder as Trump approaches.

Other photographers next to her have their cameras up and are taking photographs of the president.

Several news photographers said they were angered by Bouaou’s lack of professionalism, but they also said privately that they feared if the matter was made public it could prompt the White House to further restrict access for the news photographers.

A Google News search shows no articles mentioning the security breach before the Post published their report Tuesday.

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