Code Pink Grifter Medea Benjamin Crashes John Bolton Speech and Defends Killer Iranian Regime – Gets Shouted Down (VIDEO)

Code Pink — They’re not antiwar. They’re just anti US.

Code Pink is a group of antiwar communists who promote and protect any violent anti-American group in the world as long as they stand against the United States.

During the Bush years Code Pink radicals regularly ambushed Bush administration officials with dangerous and offensive outbursts.


During the Obama years Code Pink was mostly silent. This was despite his bombing attacks on at least seven countries and wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia.

President Trump is the opposite of Obama and Bush. Trump wants to bring the troops home and quit spending trillions of US taxpayer dollars on controversial wars in the Middle East.

Code Pink masqueraded as a peace group for years – But they really just hate the US and hate Trump.

So, on Monday, Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin interrupted an event with White House National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Medea paraded around the room with a banner defending the terrorist regime in Iran. This is a regime that funds wars all over the Middle East, threatens its neighbors and imprisons any dissidents who speak out against their evil ways. Medea Benjamin and Code Pink support this blood-thirsty regime.

But Medea Benjamin did not expect the crowd to to start shouting back!

Jim Hanson, president of Security Studies Group, shouted Medea down as she waltzed around the room with her pro-Ayatollah poster.

Nice work, Jim Hanson!

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