CNN Called Conservative Bias at Google A Conspiracy Theory – Now They’re Ignoring Leaked Video That Proves It

In recent weeks, when Trump raised the issue of possible political bias against conservatives at Google, CNN dismissed the charge as a conspiracy theory.

This tweet from CNN’s Chris Cillizza on August 28th says it all:

Now that an explosive video from Google has been leaked which proves Trump’s point, CNN has moved on and no longer wants to discuss the issue. What a shock. The Daily Caller reports:



After Breitbart published a leaked video of Google employees reacting to President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 on Thursday, CNN left its viewers in the dark by spending no time on-air covering the story and assigned no reporter to write about it for its website, according to a search by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ironically, just a few weeks ago in late August, CNN analyst Chris Cillizza dismissed a tweet alleging that Google had “rigged” search results against him as a “conspiracy theory.”

“What the President of the United States is peddling to his 54 million Twitter followers, then, is an anecdote hung on a flawed analysis of media partisanship,” Cillizza wrote on Aug. 28.

Since the release of the video, however, CNN has not devoted any time on its cable network or its website to cover its contents.

CNN is no longer a news organization. It is a PR firm for the so-called resistance with a singular mission to end the Trump presidency.

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