Brutal! Author Ted Malloch Takes Down the Failing New York Times

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump: How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President

I grew up reading the New York Times as the paper of record because my social studies teachers in high school and college mandated it.

I stopped reading it years and years ago as it became overtly biased and predictably liberal.

The last few days, I have been in Asia and the hotel only had the NYT, so I had a quick read.


This is not a real newspaper — it is a propaganda organ for the anti-American, post-modern radical who loathes Trump, any traditional values, the family, and what used to be referred to as, good taste.

The headlines were ludicrous — not journalism but outright attacks.

The photos were all of shaming, refugee suffering and Trump mockery. The so-called “far right” everywhere, especially in Germany, was excoriated because can you believe this—they are upset about immigration. What makes them “far” right? No answer was provided but neo-Nazi was used repeatedly to describe them. But the NYT far left view of the world was never named that.

On page one of the NYT now they have an “opinion” column with perspectives “in hopes of promoting constructive debate about consequential questions.” Except ALL the articles are from tell tale leftists. Where’s the debate? It is the same in our universities—this is diversity of opinion?

One article on Google said Trump’s “latest sputter” was the “equivalent that falls between clearing your throat of mucus and vomiting.” How profound!

There were loads of articles about damaging climate change and pending environmental disaster and the poor puffins that are suffering in Iceland, as well as racist chants about whites at public schools and blacks that “stupidly” like the economics of prosperity. Would they be better off unemployed or in chains?

A long tribute to a gay modern dance choreographer took up two central pages replete with multiple lewd photographs. He died it appears of renal failure caused by what? Don’t ask, for he “gave wings to modern dance.”

The international accounts were generally against America and capitalism for the most part. Well there were some advertisements for luxury goods. One long treatment was on the vanilla bean riches that are destroying Madagascar. I am sure the poverty stricken farmers there feel the same way.

Of course the St. John McCain funeral got the most attention as all the Establishment hailed their boy, failing to mention the same mainstream media excoriated him as an extremist and racist when he ran against the anointed one.

They praise him now because he came to love Obama, voted to keep Obamacare, and various liberal causes and was an ardent Never Trumper.

He was no maverick.

In truth, he was a warmonger globalist who never found a war he didn’t like. He was foul-mouthed, hot-tempered, and spiteful. May he rest in peace. His first wife, who he dropped when she was gravely ill and with child, did not have kind things to say about him. Surprisingly, that didn’t make it into the NYT.

But the NYT adores McCain now and wants to enshrine him. There were full texts of eulogies and pictures galore of the bipartisan liberal elites — Bush, Clinton and Obama all, including his Senatorial partner, Mrs. – Lindsey Graham.

There was plenty of Trump coverage in the NYT.

All of it negative. His tariffs won’t work, his loud rallies are for “deplorables,” and he planned to buy dirt on himself from the sensational National Enquirer. He must be impeached soon.

The business section of the NYT would better be called ‘anti-business’ for that is what it is. Big Tech is not biased in the least, we need a carbon-free future, and companies are evil, if they make a profit. God-forbid—oh, we don’t believe in God any longer.

The NYT opinion pages are a joke. One rant was on the religion of whiteness and another by an Obama sycophant on “we are not a ‘cabal’ just critics of Trump.” Plenty on Judge Kavanaugh and Guantanamo, which we all know, is blight on American history. We should love and applaud Islam and terrorism, especially when it sets out to kill all innocents and/or us.

The sports section in the NYT is less about scores and games than about politicization. The NFL again…on its knees, but there was an elitist story about the F1 race. Liberals like speed? Ironic how they attack oil and gas on one page and are fascinated by fast cars on another. It must be a cultural contradiction of post-modern liberalism.

Two other articles that caught my attention were on an actor who transcends genres and gender and another concerned about what will give our lives meaning?

The NYT still believes apparently in ‘meaning’. Living longer, healthier, happier lives they seem to think is a good thing. Maybe science can provide the answer? The NYT is disillusioned on that and seems to suggest nihilism as the better antidote.

My friends, after three days of reading the NYT, I am giving it up.

I suggest you do too.

Don’t buy it, don’t read it, and don’t advertise in it. It is most certainly, not “all the news that’s fit to print.”

The best use for the NYT today is what my family did on its farm with an outhouse decades ago. Use your imagination.

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