BREAKING=> Giuliani: President Trump Will Not Answer Mueller’s Obstruction Questions, In Writing Or In Person

An attorney for Trump, Rudy Giuliani told the Associated Press on Thursday that the President will not answer prosecutors’ questions, in writing or in person about obstruction.

NBC reported:

“That’s a no-go. That is not going happen,” Giuliani said. “There will be no questions at all on obstruction.”

“It would be in written form and if you want to follow up on our answers, justify it. Show us why you didn’t get there the first time,” Giuliani said. He said he was not categorically ruling out answering a second round of questions but the entire matter of whether there would be follow-up inquiries should be settled before the president answers anything at all.

“We aren’t going to let them spring it on us,” said Giuliani, who has served as lawyer-spokesman for the president’s personal legal team, using television interviews and public comments as a tactic in the negotiations.

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported Special Counsel Robert Mueller was willing to accept written answers from President Trump regarding questions about whether his campaign ‘colluded with the Russians.’

Mueller also wanted to question Trump about so-called ‘obstruction’ of the Russia probe–it looks like Mueller has hit a wall.

Mueller wants to question President Trump on so-called ‘obstruction of justice’ however, Mueller and his investigators understood that issues of executive privilege could complicate their pursuit of a presidential interview and did not ask for written responses on that matter, The New York Times said.


As previously reported, Rudy Giuliani, is preparing a ‘counter-report’ to question Robert Mueller’s legitimacy.

Giuliani told The Daily Beast in an interview that his report will focus partly on if the “initiation of the investigation was…legitimate or not.”

Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and other lawyers are helping put together the report which could exceed 100 pages and be released in the next 2-3 weeks–unless it is derailed by sudden developments in the Mueller witch hunt such as a presidential subpoena, according to The Daily Beast.

Dirty Cop Robert Mueller needs to be fired and investigated by a special counsel.

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