Bono Mocks Swedish Conservatives at Concert with Devil Nazi Clown Salute (VIDEO)

U2 lead singer Bono mocked the Swedish anti-immigrant conservative party in his latest concert.

The popular Irish singer was captured in a devil clown costume giving the Nazi salute.

Apparently, if you are against open borders you are an evil Nazi according to Bono.

Daily Mail reported:


Bono was seen making a Nazi salute during a U2 concert in Paris, as he mocked the leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats party in the wake of the country’s general election.

Performing as his ‘evil alter ego’ Mr MacPhisto, Bono shouted the name of SD leader Jimmie Åkesson while throwing his right arm out, after congratulating Sweden for discovering their ‘Aryan potential’.

Åkesson’s anti-immigrant SD party won 17.6 per cent of the vote, leaving Sweden in political deadlock with neither mainstream block strong enough to form a government.

The country is now facing weeks – if not months – of political uncertainty and complex coalition talks, as all other parties have refused to govern alongside SD.

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