A Good Democrat: Code Pink AZ Senate Candidate Fought to Protect Men Caught with Child Prostitutes

Rep. Martha McSally unloaded on her Democrat opponent in her first campaign ad after the GOP primary earlier this month.

McSally, who is the first female fighter pilot in the US Air Force, destroyed her far left Code Pink opponent Kyrsten Sinema in the ad.

Via Political Insider:

McSally defeated Dr. Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio in her primary earlier this month.

Kyrsten Sinema organized protests with communists and anarchists while Rep. McSally was flying fighter jets.

Now this…

Sinema fought to protect child predators in the Arizona state legislature.

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Senate nominee, fought to protect loopholes for men caught with child prostitutes, on the grounds that some 12-year-old children can look like adults.

While serving in the state legislature, Sinema argued against eliminating a loophole that allowed men caught with child prostitutes to use the child’s appearance as a defense. She claimed it was “not fair” to get rid of the loophole.

“As a former social worker at an elementary school, there were children at my school, 12, 13-year-old, and some of these children look older than me. They were much more, I mean, definitely sophisticated, developed,” Sinema said in a 2007 hearing.

“If I had seen a number of my former students at a place outside a classroom, I would not have known that those children were 12 instead of 19 or 20,” she said.

She sounds like a great candidate!

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