Wow! Candace Owens Copies Racist Tweets by Sarah Jeong but Replaces “White” with “Black” …. IS IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED!

The New York Times announced this week that Sarah Jeong would be the newest member to their editorial board.

Sarah Jeong went to The New York Times from The Verge.

It wasn’t hard to discover that Sarah Jeong has a Twitter page littered with racist filth.

In fact, her page is FILLED with racist white-hating garbage.

The New York Times defended Jeong in a statement yesterday.

Sarah Jeong is also a cop hater.
Jeong posted several anticop tweets including tweets mocking dead cops.

Via Atty1:

On Saturday conservative Candace Owens copied the racist tweets by Sarah Jeong but replaced “white” with “black” and “Jewish.”

She was immediately suspended!

This is the far left insanity and racism being pushed by Twitter!

Candace got banned for writing the same filth as the racist at The New York Times.
But Candace is banned because she switched the racial groups!

UPDATE– Candace Owens was reinstated Sunday and spoke about the obvious Twitter bias in a video.

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