Veteran Ivan E. Raiklin Launches Write-In Campaign For Virginia Senate After Being Blocked by GOP from Primary

Pro-Trump veteran Ivan E. Raiklin is launching a write in campaign for the Virginia Senate after being excluded from the primaries.

Raiklin is currently suing the Republican Party of Virginia over their claim that he did not collect enough signatures to gain ballot access. He had collected the signatures while running 1776 miles through the state, speaking to voters in 95 counties and 38 cities — while raising money for veteran issues.


The energetic and charismatic candidate has been attending MAGA Meetups events in DC and winning people over while raising awareness of his write-in campaign.

“Because the Republican Party of Virginia Executive Director and Chairman (who just recently resigned) robbed the people of Virginia from voting for its most viable candidate by illegally (breaking federal and state laws) keeping him off of the ballot.  Ivan E Raiklin wants to afford people an opportunity to vote for him since in Virginia there is no ability to vote write-in in a primary,” Raiklin said in a statement to the Gateway Pundit.

It is very important that voters who support him correctly spell his full name on the ballot, including his middle initial — Ivan E. Raiklin.

“After 20 years of military service with multiple deployments over four continents, I am ready to serve you and fight to protect our freedoms at home! I will fight for YOU. Together as Virginians and Americans, we will support and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic,” Raiklin’s website states.

Raiklin, who has served as a Green Beret, military diplomat, foreign affairs specialist, and intelligence officer has been deployed multiple times to four continents. He has dedicated his life to service for our nation over the last 20 years, countering ISIS in the Middle East in Arabic with Jordanians, MS-13 in El Salvador in Spanish with good Salvadorians, countering Russian aggression in Russian with Georgians (Republic of Georgia) in Tbilisi as a military diplomat and in the Pentagon, as well as countering the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Most recently, Raiklin deployed to the hurricane-stricken areas of Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey conduct Search and Rescue operations and deliver Humanitarian Aid.

“Virginia needs a person that can represent it well at the federal level.  It’s 1.5 million vets and family members want someone that has served a lifetime.  It’s 2.2 million millennials seeking a leader that can innovate and inspire. It’s 519k new law abiding immigrants want a voice of reason that understands the issues of assimilating into America and can articulate it in 5 languages,” Raiklin told the Gateway Pundit. “The preponderance of the intelligence community is resident to Virginia, the people want a Senator that can provide educated and nuanced oversight for the agencies while understanding the issues faced by federal government civilians since I have spend 5 years with the Intelligence Community myself.”

Mike Flynn Jr. had thrown his support behind Ivan E. Raiklin and previously recorded a video to explain his endorsement.

“The 2016 election was only step one when it came to defeating a candidate who would have absolutely brought this country in the continued direction of socialism — if not worse, communism,” Flynn said in his video. “The 2018 midterms are step two.”

“We absolutely need more veterans in Congress. The current percentages are too low,” he said. “Our veterans are the best trained people in the world and frankly, I would take a veteran in congress over an academic any day.”

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