VENEZUELANS Say Maduro Assassination Attempt Was Staged “Theatrics” — Local Firemen Say It was Cooking Gas Explosion

On Saturday, failed Socialist President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was reportedly attacked while giving a speech during the National Guard’s 81st anniversary.

Multiple drones carrying explosives reportedly detonated near him and his wife.

The frightening scene was captured on live television.

Seven soldiers were reportedly injured in the attacks.


Daniel Duquenal from Venezuela News covered the local reaction following the attack.

The starving people of Venezuela are not convinced of the official story — many believe the attack on the Marxist leader was faked.

Local firemen reportedly say it was not a drone attack and instead was a cooking gas explosion.

El Pais America reported: The Associated Press agency claims that “several firefighters” present at the scene of the events “contradict” the version of the Government of Venezuela, because in fact it was an explosion of a gas cylinder in a nearby http://

Not all is clear.

There are accusations of “theatrics” during the attck.

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