Two People Help Feeble Hillary Clinton Up Steps at Aretha Franklin Funeral (VIDEO)

Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday in Detroit, Michigan.

After paying their respects viewing the open casket, Bill and Hillary headed over to their seats.

Feeble Hillary Clinton needed help walking up the stairs.

This is a common occurrence for Hillary Clinton. We have lost track of how many times she has fallen down a set of stairs.


Just as Hillary approached the steps, the two people next to her firmly grabbed her hands to assist her up the steps.

Bill Clinton even gave her support by putting his hand on her back, then holding her left elbow to keep her stable.

It took three people to make sure Crooked Hillary would make up just a few steps.

Bill Clinton was also caught ogling Ariana Grande as she sang a tribute to Aretha Franklin donning a short black dress.

What a humiliating day for Crooked Hillary!


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