Trump Supporters Who Protested Against Unite the Right Speak Out About Being Attacked By Antifa

Suzzanne Monk and her husband Alexander Duvel had traveled to DC to protest against the Unite the Right rally that took place on Sunday. Though they were there to speak out against Jason Kessler and racism, they were attacked and chased out of the area by unhinged leftist members of Antifa.

“When I heard that Jason Kessler was going to be rallying in DC, I immediately knew I wanted to go and protest his rally.  The vast majority of Trump supporters are disgusted by the likes of Jason Kessler, and are fed up with being accused of racism merely because Kessler, a racist, claims to like Trump.  I felt as a Trump supporter this was an opportunity to show my strong opposition to Kessler, and help to dispel the false narrative that Trump voters stand with racists. My husband and I decided to go and stand AGAINST the racist ‘alt-right’, and speak out against racial hate as all Americans should,” Monk said in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit.

Monk explained that she knew there would also be leftist protesters in significant numbers, but felt that it was important that the right be there to speak out against him as well. The couple donned “Trump 2020” shirts, a rainbow Gadsen flag as a cape, and held a sign that read “No Kessler! No Antifa! No political violence. No to racial hate. Real Trump Supporters come in all colors.”

Though they were right wing, police informed the couple that they would need to stay on the side with Antifa if they were there to protest Unite the Right. They found a quiet area were they could demonstrate peaceful and engaged in a few intense debates, but everything was going well — for a while.

“After Kessler and his small cadre arrived the crowd grew around our calm location until we were much more surrounded.  As media noticed that we were Trump supporters, they began asking us questions, and this activity drew the attention of the protestors who would engage us in debate or attempt to shout us down.  This drew more media, which drew more crowd until we were surrounded by protestors screaming obscenities and insults at us. We remained calm, and after a few minutes, the first crowd seemed to break up, and it appeared we might be left to protest without unmanageable interference,” Monk said.

Unfortunately, the angry crowd reformed and they were surrounded by event security monitors and members of the DC Peace Team who were attempting to prevent the mob from physically assaulting them.

“Media continued to attempt to interview us, but the mob began to mistreat the media, and try to prevent them from talking to us.  The event ‘security’ also attempted to prevent the media from speaking to us as the mob chanted ‘no free speech for racists’. Which was ironic as we were there to protest racism as well as political violence, but because we were Trump supporters, we were assumed racists and robbed of our free speech rights,” Monk explained.

A member of Antifa then threw a glitter bomb in Monk’s face… covering her and the journalists who were around her. The crowd became aggressive and started challenging Duvel to fight.

“We remained totally peaceful and respectful, but it became clear that our presence was creating a danger for the security and media around us, not just ourselves. Thus I made the decision to ask one of the DC Peace Team who was surrounding us in protection to help escort us out of the park. The group formed a circle of hands around us and began to attempt to walk us out of the park in a human circle. Our leaving actually incited the mob to further violence and they began throwing water bottles, kicking Alexander’s legs, pushing and shoving, trying to get him to engage in a fight. He was utterly peaceful.  The DC Peace Team got us to the edge of the park, but at this point the mob choose to follow us, and attack further. Their thrown bottles and spray paint attacks hit not only us but members of the Peace Team trying to help us get out unharmed,” Monk recalled.

When they made it to the police on I Street, police officers began to assist them in escaping the mob. Their vehicle was parked a few blocks away, so officers agreed to escort them. They were eventually able to escape the area safely, and are deeply thankful to the DC Peace Team and the DC Police for their assistance.

“Our counter protest of Kessler and Antifa proved one thing.  The left is truly the instigator of violence, and is capable of just as much hatred as the white nationalists, perhaps more,” Monk said. “Antifa and other violent Leftist political groups are a danger to society and our way of life. We cannot tolerate political groups that attack police, media and civilians with impunity.  We must change our strategy in dealing with these groups, and stop tolerating even the moderate violence we saw Sunday. Our cities must have the available police resources to not only create dividers between dueling hate groups, but to KEEP the PEACE. We must arrest individuals who are violating that peace right away, not wait for video footage to hunt down vandals after the fact.  By tolerating ANY level of violence, we are actually fueling more violence in the future.”


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