Trump Supporters Urge People to Donate to Charlottesville Victim Scholarship Fund on Anniversary Weekend

As the anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville approaches, and the organizers plan another rally for this weekend, supporters of President Donald Trump are taking a firm stance against it and urging people on the right to donate to the Heather Heyer Foundation as a show of goodwill.

Heather Heyer was killed when a Unite the Right attendee drove through a large crowd of protesters after a day of massive political violence and hatred. The brutality witnessed on that day stunned the nation and inflamed the already extreme tension between the two parties.

As the next event looms, and people in the media — and even rally attendees — attempt to blur the line between the people who would attend such an event and your every day Trump voter, many on the right wanted to strongly come out against what Unite the Right represents


The large group of outspoken Trump supporters banded together and decided that the purest way to condemn the event would be to ask followers to donate at least $8.12, representing August 12, the day she died, to the scholarship fund in Heyer’s name.

The group of Trump supporters are calling their fundraising efforts “The 8.12 Campaign.”

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec explained that the events that took place last year were not just a tragedy for Heyer and her family, but for the entire nation. He urged his friends and followers to put politics aside and donate.

“What happened to Heather was a tragedy not only for her and her family but our entire country. I just hope that if anything, people can put politics aside and do the right thing for a young woman who cared about making her country a better place to live. I’m proud to support the 8.12 Campaign and would urge others to do the same. Regardless of who we voted for, we are all the American people,” Posobiec told The Gateway Pundit.

Lawyer and political commentator Will Chamberlain took his condemnation of the event even further.

“Apparently not content with causing the death of Heather Heyer at Charlottesville, these noxious white nationalists have decided to reprise their disastrous rally. We want to make America great again for all Americans — not just white people — and we vehemently denounce this overtly racist spectacle,” Chamberlain told TGP. “We encourage Trump supporters to donate to the Heather Heyer Foundation as a way of opposing this contemptible display.”

Author and journalist Mike Cernovich took aim directly at event organizer Jason Kessler.

“Jason Kessler is a toad. He looks like the kind of creepy person that you could imagine staring into someone’s bedroom late at night. We of course want nothing to do with him and recognize that he is so desperate for attention that he will use the death of a woman — and step over her body — as a way to get it. That is disgusting and he’s a loser,” Cernovich said.

Trump-supporting film director and producer Robby Starbuck urged people not to give this weekend’s rally the attention they are craving.

“The Republican Party has a proud history of anti-racist activism and progress. That’s why what we’re seeing happen with White Supremacists marching in D.C. is so distressing. It reminds me of the pain Heather Heyer’s mom must be feeling. I believe in advancing progress and extinguishing hate so I’ve decided the best way forward is to remove the outrage and instead take action. I believe in taking action by ignoring these hateful racists. Turn your backs on them. Let them be the sad splinter group that they are. Let’s remove what they crave the most: Attention,” Starbuck said. “Instead I choose to honor a wonderful young woman who lost her life senselessly just one year ago. I urge everyone who can to take part and donate $8.12 to Heather Heyer’s scholarship fund, together we can counteract the evil that seeks to divide us. Together we are a force for change, do not let hateful people divide us. We can disagree but at the end of the day we are all Americans.”

The Black Conservatives Fund explained that no real Republican would support such an event.

“There are three groups that will enjoy the circus in Charlottesville: the Antifa Left, the Fake ethno-right, and Media. No Trump conservative or Trump republican would be caught dead at an event at doesn’t want to make America great again, but instead seeks to enthrall us into some fake proxy race war using talking heads on cable TV channels. Everyday Americans get along with all other persons. These fake right-wingers won’t fool anyone. We’re still mourning those injured and lost in last year’s careless actions by a crazed Democratic governor and these fake-right organizers,” a spokesperson for the Black Conservatives Fund told the Gateway Pundit.

Many involved in the fundraising efforts are also refusing to even accept Kessler as a Republican — including political strategist Mike Tokes.

“Former left wing Obama supporter and obvious Democrat plant Jason Kessler, who inserted himself into racist groups and organized the Charlottesville ‘rally’ that ended with dozens injured and one dead is throwing another event in an attempt to smear Republicans and stir up divide. The fact that he instructed his attendees to masquerade as Trump supporters shows his deliberate and desperate attempt to smear the President and the GOP,” Tokes began. “Republicans wholeheartedly disavow Mr. Kessler’s reprehensible efforts and encourage everyone to partake in the 8.12 campaign by donating to Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer’s foundation as a way of protest to Mr. Kessler’s shameful actions.”

Sixteen-year-old right-wing political commentator and rising Republican social media star  CJ Pearson asserted that racism and bigotry are counterintuitive to the goal of Making America Great Again.

“The MAGA movement, since its inception, has become a diverse collection of Americans of every shade and hue in pursuit of one common goal: to Make America Great Again. Racism and bigotry is counterintuitive to that goal and so it is of no surprise that the most prominent voices within our movement disavow bigotry and hate in the strongest of terms,” Pearson said.

Republicans will also be holding a counter protest during Unite the Right 2 at the Lincoln Memorial, which is expected to be a safe distance away from the chaos. People attending are still urged to be cautious.

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