Trump Approval with GOP Voters Hits 90% — Overall Approval Still Higher Than Obama at Same Time in His Presidency

President Trump tweeted out his approval numbers Sunday night after a brutal week of constant media attacks.

According to the latest poll President Trump has a 90% approval rating within the Republican Party and a 52% approval overall.

President Trump’s approval rating in the Wall Street Journal poll is 44% not 52% which is stunning considering the constant beating by the liberal media on an hourly basis.


And as we reported earlier President Trump’s approval rating is still higher than Barack Obama despite the media’s constant praise of the Democrat’s failed policies.

Despite the brutal anti-Trump hysterics this past week including charges against his former campaign manager and personal attorney President Trump’s approval rating continues to hold.

This is after the liberal media repeated the word “impeachment” 222 times in one day this week!

President Trump’s approval rating is currently at 46% on Rasmussen Reports.

Media darling Barack Obama had an approval rating of 44% on August 26, 2010.

President Trump is still two points ahead of Barack Obama at a similar point in his presidency.

And a majority of Americans believe the Manafort and Cohen verdicts will not result in criminal charges against Trump.

And this is while 90% of network media coverage has been negative of President Trump.

And this is while the media ran a impeachment cheers for the past several days of reporting.

If President Trump had just 50% positive coverage by the liberal media his approval numbers would be in the 60’s!

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