Stunning! The Hill Stoops to New Low to Attack Trump: “Eradicate the Trump Plague”

This is the type of filth coming from the left today.

For some reason The Hill thought this was a good headline for their readers:

“Voters must eradicate the Trump plague from American politics”


** President Trump has done more for the American worker than any president in recent history.
** President Trump has lifted the US economy more than any president in recent history.
** President Trump’s foreign policy has been a tremendous success.

But the left hates Trump and his voters.
So now they are openly calling for for voters to “eradicate of the Trump plague.”

The very core of the Nazi leadership was the goal of “eradicating” the Jews.
This is genocidal term used by the Nazis.

This goes beyond raw hatred. They want him eradicated.
How can The Hill editors approve such violent rhetoric?

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