“Sleeper” Case Could Derail Mueller – Prevent Him From Releasing Russia Report

A court case stemming from a decades old murder of a Columbia University professor may torpedo Mueller and prevent him from publishing a report on so-called Trump-Russia collusion.

Although the court case is completely unrelated to Mueller’s witch hunt, it may prevent him from publishing a report from information obtained by a Washington grand jury.

A Washington appeals court is scheduled to hear the murder case next month and if they side with the DOJ and rule that the judge cannot release any grand jury information, it could derail Mueller from releasing his Russia report, according to legal experts.

This ‘sleeper’ case could also prevent Mueller from giving a Russia report to Congress.


We all know Mueller and the Democrat-Deep State cabal is gunning for Trump and their ultimate goal is to impeach the President.

Far left Politico reported:

“It is a sleeper case,” Harvard Law professor Alex Whiting said. “If the D.C. Circuit were to accept the Department of Justice’s arguments…that would have potentially enormous implications for the future of the information from the Mueller investigation. That could close out a path by which that information becomes public.”

Then there are the midterm elections…

If the Democrats take the House in November, the House Judiciary could subpoena Mueller’s report as part of an impeachment probe because of a 1974 DC Circuit ruling, reported Politico.

If Republicans keep the house, a subpoena is less likely therefore Mueller would have a problem given the federal court rule that ensures grand jury secrecy.

According to Politico, last week the judges on the DC Circuit court were announced and they lean right:

Adding to the political drama around the McKeever case: the judges drawn to decide it. The three-judge panel announced by the court last week leans Republican, which is unusual since most of the D.C. Circuit’s active judges are Democrats. In addition, the panel will include the appeals court’s only Trump appointee, Judge Greg Katsas. Also assigned to the case: Judge Douglas Ginsburg, a Reagan appointee, and Judge Sri Srinivasan, an Obama appointee.

Of course Mueller is prepared to fight this hurdle as he won’t let anything get in his way of attempting to get Trump removed, which is his ultimate goal.

One thing is for sure–this is going to be one explosive Autumn in the D.C. swamp.

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