Rudy Giuliani: Mainstream Media Is Hysterical – “Remind Me of Peter Strzok. They’re Probably texting the Same Things” (VIDEO)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Howard Kurtz Sunday morning on Media Buzz.

Howard Kurtz asked Rudy how he would describe the over all media coverage on the Mueller case so far.

Here was Rudy’s response.


Rudy Giuliani: Hysterical. At times taking things that are totally unimportant or relatively unimportant and driving it into all kinds of exaggerations… They have bias against him. They didn’t want him elected. They are trying to delegitimicize him. Many remind me of Peter Strzok of the FBI. They were probably texting the same things… Having the same sentiments that he has.

Peter Strzok and his lovebird FBI lawyer Lisa Page shared hateful tweets during their affair on Donald Trump and how they planned on working against him.

Former top FBI investigator Peter Strzok had huge hatred and bias against President Trump just like today’s far left liberal media.

Via Media Buzz:

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