President Trump Threatens to ‘Get Involved’ to Force the Release of McCabe Text Messages

President Trump threatened to ‘get involved’ to force the FBI to release Andrew McCabe text messages if they didn’t hand them over to appropriate government authorities.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit in September of 2017 for former FBI official Andrew McCabe’s text messages.

In January, the FBI basically told Judicial Watch to kick rocks and refused to give them McCabe’s text messages.

On Saturday morning, President Trump asked, “Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch or appropriate authorities,” warning, “I may have to get involved” and then said in caps, “DO NOT DESTROY.”


TRUMP: Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch or appropriate governmental authorities. FBI said they won’t give up even one (I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY). What are they hiding? McCabe wife took big campaign dollars from Hillary people…..

TRUMP CONTINUED: President Trump …..Will the FBI ever recover it’s once stellar reputation, so badly damaged by Comey, McCabe, Peter S and his lover, the lovely Lisa Page, and other top officials now dismissed or fired? So many of the great men and women of the FBI have been hurt by these clowns and losers!

FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page mentioned McCabe in one of their more damning text exchanges about an “insurance policy” against a Donald Trump victory.

Certainly the Deep State FBI and McCabe have much more to hide which is why they are stonewalling Congress and Judicial Watch.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton told Judge Jeanine in January the FBI refused to give them McCabe’s text messages in response to a FOIA lawsuit.


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