PRESIDENT TRUMP: Jeff Sessions is Safe as Attorney General Until at Least Midterm Elections

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

On Thursday, President Trump said Jeff Sessions is safe as Attorney General until at least the midterms.

In an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, the President said Sessions will remain AG until at least the midterms, however; he played coy when asked if Sessions is safe after the midterms.

“I would just love to have him do a great job,” Trump said of Sessions.


Last week, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) both backed President Trump and said he deserves an Attorney General he has faith in.

The top key GOP Senators said they will both back President Trump if he fires AG Sessions after the 2018 midterm elections.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said in an interview with Bloomberg last Thursday that he will make time for hearings to confirm a new Attorney General. This is a 180 degree turn from Grassley’s previous statements wherein he had made it clear he wouldn’t confirm a new AG if Trump were to fire Sessions.

Senator Graham told reporters last Thursday President Trump deserves an Attorney General he has faith in, reported Bloomberg.

The tension between President Trump and AWOL AG Sessions has reached a fever pitch.

Trump went off on a tirade earlier this month against AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Last week, President Trump took another shot at AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a total disgrace and coward who refuses to do his job and refuses to resign.

Jeff Sessions recused himself the first day on the job citing the wrong law. He has been in the corner of the Justice Department cowering while his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein calls the shots.

Sessions’ recusal is the reason why Robert Mueller and 17 angry Obama-Hillary donors are hunting down everyone in President Trump’s inner circle.

It is impossible for President Trump to drain the swamp without an Attorney General. Sessions has to go.

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