Portland Braces For Massive Protest Brawl As Violent Antifa Leftists Prepare to Confront Conservative Prayer Group

Might August 4th, 2018, go down as the day in history in which the 2nd Civil War officially began? That is a distinct possibility, as the far left communists of “antifa” prepare to counter the Trump supporting Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon. Though the groups have clashed several times over the last year and a half, the August 4th edition is shaping up to be like none other, as both groups are upping the ante.

The last time the two groups squared off was five weeks ago, on June 30th. That protest/rally/march was eventually declared a riot by Portland Police, as the antifa thugs started fighting with Patriot Prayer. Patriot Prayer, led by Joey Gibson, secured a permit from the city on that day to hold their rally and march. Despite that, police used loudspeakers to order everyone to disperse.

That was the day of infamous punch heard ’round the commune, as one of the antifa hooligans was beating a downed Trump supporter with a collapsible baton, only to be headed off by a man later called Rufio Panman, who floored the commie scum with one punch and allegedly sent him to the hospital with significant head injuries.

While that sequence has become a meme and has been reposted countless times, racking up millions of views, it’s just one of the many examples of antifa bringing soy to a street fight.

Ahead of the August 4th sure-to-be-melee, Portland Police tried to scheme up ways to prevent people from bringing guns to the event, as both groups have talked of such. Except there’s this thing called the 2nd Amendment, and there is no law preventing a Concealed Handgun License holder from carrying their firearm in a city park. So the Portland Police Bureau (yes, they are referred to as a “bureau”, not a “department”) has announced that they will be setting up check points at the entry areas of the park. They will be searching everyone going in, and will be assisted by bomb sniffing dogs.

The police have reiterated the gun laws on an official press release. Oregon does not honor any other state’s CHL/CCW/CPL/LTC/Whateveritscalledinyourstate. Anyone caught with a gun who does not have a valid Oregon CHL will likely be arrested and have their firearm confiscated.

Many entering the public park may simply declare that they don’t consent to any search. If the police do not have probable cause to think someone is committing a crime, then the individual doesn’t not have to be subject to a search, as per the 4th Amendment. If the police go ahead with these searches, it could give rise to many lawsuits against the city.

In response to antifa ramping up the violence, Joey Gibson has been encouraging the fellow Trump supporters to carry, and has said that they have had members carrying at every event they have put on.

As police commissioner, portland mayor ted wheeler (intentional lower case) has essentially ordered the police to look the other way on multiple occasions when violent leftists have gone on rampages. A recent announcement from Portland lawyer Sean Riddell conveys an intent to sue the city for the police bureau’s failure to act when ICE employees were subject to multiple crimes. Instead of responding, the police never showed up. Riddell is representing those employees and they are citing the 14th Amendment and the equal protection under the law clause.

During the election week protests of 2016, portland police stood down as the rioters destroyed the city. In fact, assistant chief Chris Davis allegedly assisted the protesters in shutting down the freeways, in possible violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1951.

Almost all of the rioters eventually had their charges dropped by Multnomah county district attorney Rod Underhill.

Make no mistake about it, the portland police will be there to protect the violent communists, just following communist sympathizer mayor wheeler’s orders. The searches for weapons will be directed predominately toward the Trump supporting Patriot Prayer. Some Patriot Prayer members allege that the police set them up to be disarmed to allow antifa more reign to attack at the June 30th gala.

The action is slated to start at 10:30 AM, PST. No doubt a plethora of videos will appear on YouTube and Facebook, documenting the festivities. We suggest YouTube channels Stumptown Matters (who is saying he will be livestreaming), Airliner World & More (who often livestreams), CSC Media, Leo Stratton, Mike Bluehair, Just.In Media, along with possible livestreams on Facebook by local activist Cheryl Bowen, Joey Gibson himself, his right hand man, Tiny, and Haley Adams. Those are the folks on the street level gathering the content that often times becomes the subject of widespread sharing and re-uploading.



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