PAUL MANAFORT Is Treated Worse Than SADDAM HUSSEIN or GITMO DETAINEES — Democrats Are Thrilled!

Democrats were OUTRAGED at the treatment of the Islamist killers at Gitmo describing the Caribbean prison as a medieval dungeon rife with human rights violations and horrifying conditions. But the reality was totally different as Katie Pavlich reported in 2015:

The real GITMO is quite another story, with detainees regularly watching movies and cable TV, spending time outside, playing video games, taking advantage of their religious freedom afforded to them by U.S. values, being given medical treatment and more.

Mass murderer Saddam Hussein had an outdoor area he treated like a garden.
Via the Times of India:

Saddam enjoyed tending to a scrubby patch of dirt at one of his outdoor area, watering the weeds and “treating them more like beautiful flowers than the ugly growths they were, Brdenwerper writes.

He was meticulous about his food, too, he ate his breakfast in sections, first an omelet, then a muffin, followed by fresh fruit. If the omelet was “torn.” he would reject it, according to the book.

And then there’s Paul Manafort.
Paul was Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Now he faces 305 years in prison for tax evation – a crime that typically has a sentence of a year-and-a-half.


Paul does not have a garden, or books, or cable TV.
This week Paul was stuck in a little cell with NO reading material and NO TV.

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