OUTRAGEOUS: Louisiana Deputy FIRED for Being a Proud Boy After Being Targeted by Anti-Cop Facebook Page

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office has thrown one of their deputies under the bus and fired him after an Antifa Facebook page began a harassment campaign against him over his ties to the Proud Boys.

The Sheriff’s Office claimed that deputy Brian Green’s termination was because of how his involvement with the pro-America group would impact “public perception” when the anti-cop California Antifa page “Eat the Rich” went after him.

“If it was a bunch of local housewives picketing outside the station they MIGHT have a point, but this is just some random Antifa on his computer in California. Someone who wants to murder all cops,” Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes told the Gateway Pundit. “We are the most pro-cop club in the country.”


Internal Affairs had began an investigation into Green on August 8, after being sent screenshots of pro-Proud Boys posts on his social media accounts. The Eat the Rich page had been telling followers from all over the country to flood the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and tag local media outlets.

The Internal Affairs investigation determined that the Proud Boys are not a hate group, but the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office capitulated to Antifa anyways — likely worried about the Sheriff’s re-election.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Green said that the Sheriff’s Office had offered to allow him to resign over violation of their social media policy that says deputies are not allowed to post anything that would discredit the office. He declined and was fired by the end of the day.

“My personal opinion is that they are caving to pressure from people who don’t even live in Louisiana, or my perish specifically,” Green told the Gateway Pundit. “I would like it put out there that in five years of working for the Sheriff’s Office I have never had a negative complaint against me. I’ve never had any disciplinary action taken against me. There has been a good size outreach from the deputies that work within the Sheriff’s Office who are in support of me and the public of Plaquemines Parish has reached out in support of me.”

The Eat the Rich Facebook page has vowed to continue going after Green and hound any business that hires him.

The original Antifa post contained a photo of his young daughter, who also became the subject of threats. We have edited her photo out.

The Proud Boys are an anti-alt-right and anti-Antifa conservative pro-Western group for men. The group is extremely pro-law enforcement, unlike the people who set out to ruin the deputy’s life. The group is also extremely diverse and disavows racism.

“It’s the tyranny of the Alt-Left,” McInnes said. “They are praised by CNN and politicians alike. They are mainstream.”

McInnes stated that it’s like the Halifax 5 all over again, and that “men who are expected to die for us are treated like garbage when some random piece of sh-t says they’re offended. I’m embarrassed on behalf of society at large.”

The Sheriff’s Office is standing behind their decision.

“The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s office does not support the organization or its ideals, and law enforcement in general has an obligation to treat all people equally, fairly and impartially,” the department said in a statement.

Erin Willey, a female deputy at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Washington, was also recently fired from her job for wearing a Proud Boys Girls shirt on social media.

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