Ohio District 12 Special Election Results: Republican Troy Balderson Defeats Democrat Danny O’Connor by <1%

Voters in Ohio’s 12th district are choosing a replacement for the former Republican Representative Pat Tiberi in a special election on Tuesday.
Republican Troy Balderson is taking on Democrat Danny O’Connor in the congressional race.

Republican Patrick Tiberi defeated Democrat Ed Albertson in the 2016 general election 66% to 30% with 251,000 votes to 113,000 votes.

Democrat Danny O’Connor (on left) and Republican Troy Balderson (on right)

Democrat Danny O’Connor took an early lead in the congressional race with 9% reporting.


Danny O’Connor Democrat 29,767 57.0%
Troy Balderson Republican 22,061 42.2
Joe Manchik Green 389 0.7

Danny O’Connor’s lead slipped to 8 points with 31% reporting.
Danny O’Connor Democrat 43,968 53.4%
Troy Balderson Republican 37,754 45.9
Joe Manchik Green 572 0.7

With 59% reporting O’Connor leads by 2 percentage points.
Danny O’Connor Democrat 60,535 51.4%
Troy Balderson Republican 56,56 48.0
Joe Manchik Green 780 0.7

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