NBC Trashes Melania Trump’s Parents After They Become US Citizens

What a surprise.
NBC trashed First Lady Melania Trump’s parents after they became US citizens this week.

The left hates and tries to destroy anyone close to Donald Trump – even his in-laws.

Melania’s parents were legal immigrants – something that does not garner much appreciation from the left today.

Via NewsBusters:
Newsbusters reported:

The report was delivered NBC’s often resentful White House correspondent Peter Alexander, who noted the First Lady’s parents were “Slovenia immigrants taking the oath in New York City.” “Their experience reigniting questions whether they obtained citizenship through chain migration, a family unification process President Trump’s repeatedly denounced,” he announced with great sarcasm.

Alexander appeared skeptical of their lawyer’s insistence that they did not receive any special treatment by the government. “Asked if Knavses used chain migration, the lawyer told The New York Times, ‘I suppose it’s a dirty– dirtier word,’” he added.

And as if he broke a big scoop in the case, Alexander reported that “the First Lady’s parents are familiar faces at the White House. Mrs. Trump missing today’s private ceremony, although she reportedly sponsored her parents’ visa applications after she became a citizen in 2006.

Of course, NBC couldn’t let a good opportunity go to waste and decided to tack on an update on Trump’s immigration policy. “All of it comes just days after NBC News was first to report the Trump administration is considering a crackdown on legal immigration,” Alexander gloated. The administration’s proposal would make it more difficult for people to obtain citizenship or green cards if they received some sorts of public assistance.

In sharp contrast, CBS Evening News was congratulatory to the First Lady’s parents.

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