MUELLER’S REVENGE=> Special Counsel May Retry Paul Manafort on 10 Deadlocked Charges in Third Trial

Paul Manafort, Robert Mueller

Mueller’s team of prosecutors asked for more time in deciding whether to retry Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort on 10 of the deadlocked charges.

Last week, after four days of deliberations, a jury reached a verdict on 8 counts and could not make a decision on 10 counts in the tax evasion and bank fraud case against Paul Manafort.

Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee declared a mistrial on 10 counts.


The jury found Manafort guilty on 8 counts, including 5 tax fraud charges, 1 charge of hiding foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud.

On Wednesday, Mueller’s team filed a motion asking for more time and noted they are waiting for Manafort’s defense lawyers to file their post-trial motions, reported Politico.

“The government does not at this time have sufficient information to make an informed decision on whether it will seek retrial of the remaining counts,” prosecutors wrote. They noted Manafort’s team had no objection to the delay.

‘Manafort is evaluating all of his options at this point,’ defense lawyer Kevin Downing told reporters outside of the Alexandria, VA courthouse last week.

Paul Manafort faces up to 80 years in prison after the jury found him guilty on 8 felony charges.

A second trial in Washington D.C. which is set to begin September 24th (after a delay) can bring additional charges and prison time for Manafort.

Two trials isn’t enough for Mueller and his team of 17 angry Democrats; they won’t rule out going after Manafort in a THIRD TRIAL. Unbelievable.

The President said last week he is considering issuing a pardon for Paul Manafort.



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