MAYHEM AT BERKELEY=> Police in Riot Gear Arrest Violent Far Left Protesters During ‘Anti-Marxist’ and Opposing Rallies (VIDEO)

Pink-haired Marxist arrested at Berkeley

On Sunday, police arrested several far left activists at Berkeley after violence erupted while two opposing rallies were taking place.

Anti-Marxist demonstrators were met with violence by masked Antifa thugs and other far left protesters–police in riot gear wrestled the violent leftists to the ground and made arrests.


The goal of Antifa in Berkeley, like in Rhode Island Sunday and in Portland on Saturday, was to shut down the assembly and beat heads.

“We’re not going to allow anyone who has banned items into that park. We’re also making an effort to keep opposing groups separated,” Berkeley Police spokesman Officer Byron White said to Berkleyside.

Why are Antifa terrorists still allowed to mask their faces and hide their identities while committing violent crimes??


Cops with guns, batons, flash grenades and tasers at Center and MLK:

Heavy police presence:

Antifa terrorists wearing black masks to conceal their identity:

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