Las Vegas Police Close Investigation on Largest Mass Shooting in History: Claim Unable to Determine Motive

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference Friday to release the final police report on the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history which killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

Lombardo says police are unable to determine a motive that drove Stephen Paddock, 64, to shoot at hundreds of concert goers from his Mandalay Bay hotel room on October 1st.

Las Vegas Review Journal reported:


Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on Friday released the Metropolitan Police Department’s final report on the Oct. 1 shooting on the Strip, saying investigators had not been able to determine gunman Stephen Paddock’s motive for carrying out the deadliest random shooting in modern U.S. history.

“We have not been able to definitively answer the ‘why,’” Lombardo said at a news briefing.

He also said the investigation indicates that Paddock acted alone, adding that he does not anticipate any arrests in connection with the case.

Lombardo also defended the performance of the communications systemduring the chaos of the shooting and its aftermath.

“There’s no system in the world that can handle that kind of volume in a short period of time,” he said of the radio issues that officers experienced. “I personally believe the communications system was sound and robust.”

Watch Sheriff Lombardo:

LVMPD Oct. 1 Final Report

LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo holds a press conference to discuss the final report of the Oct. 1 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Shooting. READ MORE: Final police report on Las Vegas shooting unable to determine motive→

Posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday, August 3, 2018

The circumstances surrounding this case have led to many theories as to why Stephen Paddock shot hundreds of concert goers.

The ever changing timeline of events raised eyebrows as well which was outlined in detail by TGP’s Joe Hoft.

On October 5th, ISIS tripled down and reported that Stephen Paddock was a convert, however; authorities were quick to strike down any connections to Islamic terrorism.

It was also reported on the 5th that Paddock had plans to do something similar in Chicago.

The timeline and official story from the security guard Jesus Campos, who was shot in the leg by Paddock changed many times as well.

Americans are not buying 64-year-old Stephen Paddock just randomly decided to set up shop in a hotel room one night with a bunch of firearms and ammo and carry out the largest mass shooting in modern US history for no reason.



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