JUST IN: NY State Investigators Subpoena Michael Cohen in Trump Foundation Investigation

On Wednesday, New York State investigators issued Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen a subpoena as part of their criminal investigation into the Trump Foundation.

President Trump began to dissolve the Trump Foundation in November of 2017 after he won the presidential election.

The New York Post reported:

State investigators have subpoenaed Michael Cohen as part of their criminal probe into his old boss President Trump’s nonprofit Trump Foundation.

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance confirmed the subpoena Wednesday — less than 24 hours after Cohen admitted in court that he paid hush money to two women at Trump’s behest “for the purposes of influencing the election.”

The court summons comes after Cohen’s attorney said his client had information that state and federal investigators might find helpful.

In June, New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood went after President Trump by filing a lawsuit against Donald Trump and some of his family members alleging the Trumps used the family’s foundation as a personal checkbook.


The New York AG also alleged Trump used his Foundation for “improper and extensive political activity.”

Trump blasted the sleazy NY Democrats after AG Underwood filed the lawsuit and ordered a $2.8 million restitution be paid.

Now New York State investigators are turning the screws on Michael Cohen after his disastrous plea deal with federal prosecutors Tuesday at another attempt to ‘get Trump’–it is also outside of the President’s authority to pardon people for state crimes.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton still walks free after Judicial Watch uncovered countless emails showing Clinton Foundation pay-to-play while Hillary was the head of the State Department and NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT!

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