Judge Napolitano Doubles Down: Says Paul Manafort was Exonerated 8 Years Ago — May Call Rosenstein as First Witness (VIDEO)

Judge Napolitano dropped a bomb Tuesday on FOX and Friends.

The FOX News legal analyst told the audience that Paul Manafort was already exonerated eight years ago on these same charges and… Rod Rosenstein was the lawyer who exonerated him!

Here’s the Transcript via Bizzy Blog:

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Here’s Manafort’s defense: I was investigated for all this by the government eight years ago, and I was exonerated. And I’m going to put on the stand as my first witness the young lawyer who exonerated me.

You know who that young lawyer is? Rod Rosenstein.


NAPOLITANO: Yes! So this is going to be quite a show if they succeed in getting Rosenstein, who now runs the Justice Department —

DOOCY: So why was I innocent then and guilty now?

NAPOLITANO: There you go.

That’s correct!
Manafort was “exonerated” by federal prosecutors led by Rod Rosenstein.


Napolitano On Manafort Exonerated — F&F 073018 from Thomas Blumer on Vimeo.

Judge Napolitano made the same points again on Tuesday afternoon.

And, once again, Judge Napolitano says that the Manafort team may call Rod Rosenstein in for their first witness.

Via BizzyBlog:

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