Judge Ellis Brings Mueller’s Prosecutor to Tears in Courtroom Showdown

It looks like Mueller’s prosecutors can’t take the heat.

Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s former business associate took the witness stand Monday afternoon in the bank fraud and tax evasion case against Manafort.

After jurors were dismissed, Judge T.S. Ellis scolded one of Mueller’s prosecutors and a 10-minute courtroom spat ensued.

FOX News reported, at one point Judge Ellis felt disrespected after one of Mueller’s prosecutors [Greg Andres] looked down instead of looking directly at him and screamed, “Look at me!”

“You looked down as if to say ‘that’s B.S.!’” Ellis said. “I’m up here!”

On Monday Judge Ellis argued with Greg Andres for moving slowly with Rick Gates and constantly linking him to Ukrainian oligarchs.

“What matters are the allegations that he made money from them and didn’t report it,” Ellis said. “You don’t need to throw mud at these people.”

Apparently the interruptions by Judge Ellis pushed Mueller’s prosecutor to the brink.

The court transcripts from Monday’s showdown were just released and it’s pure comedy gold.

At one point, one of Mueller’s prosecutors, Greg Andres, was so frustrated he pushed to tears and Judge Ellis mocked him for his weakness.

An attorney who obtained the court transcripts posted to his Twitter account:

Did Judge Ellis make the Special Counsel lawyer cry???

Judge: “There’s tears in your eyes right now.”

Govt: “There are not tears in my eyes, Judge.”

Judge: “Well, they’re watery.”

On Monday, Gates testified he committed crimes while working for Paul Manafort–of course these alleged crimes date back several years ago before Manafort temporarily worked for the Trump campaign.

Judge Ellis is known for being colorful with his comments in the courtroom.

The 78-year-old Reagan-appointee is sharp as a tack and he knows what Mueller and his team of liberal hacks are up to.

Last week, Mueller’s prosecutors skewered Manafort over his lavish lifestyle and expensive suits which drew a sharp rebuke from Judge Ellis.

“It isn’t a crime to have money and be profligate with your spending,” Judge Ellis said to Mueller’s prosecutor

Rick Gates is in court again Tuesday and will testify for three hours according to media reports.

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