ISIS Member and Obama ‘Refugee’ Arrested in California on Murder Charges

Fundamental transformation.

One of Obama’s poor little helpless ‘refugees’ from Iraq, Omar Ameen, 45, a member of ISIS was arrested in California on murder charges.

Omar Ameen was arrested on Wednesday by the FBI in California where he applied for refugee status; he is now facing extradition.

Ameen is wanted for a 2014 murder of an Iraqi police officer which occurred in Anbar province.

The ISIS terrorist went from murdering a police officer in Iraq directly to Sacramento, California–talk about “extreme vetting.”


Omar Ameen somehow concealed his terrorist ties on his refugee application [imagine our shock] and even applied for a green card.

According to the court document filed by the government, the FBI had been monitoring Omar Ameen since 2016 for Visa fraud.

The FBI interviewed several witnesses which led to the arrest of Ameen for his ties to ISIS.

The Democrats have fought President Trump over his travel ban since day one because they want ISIS fighters like Omar Ameen in this country.

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