INTERVIEW: Meet the Pro-Trump Woman Who is Challenging ‘Slippery’ Senator Kirsten ‘Jell-O-Brand’ Gillibrand

Pro-Trump mother and businesswoman, Chele Farley is running for the United States Senate in hopes of replacing Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who she says has embraced a socialist platform.

Farley spoke to the Gateway Pundit to explain why supporting her in this race is so important for New Yorkers and our nation.

When asked if she will support President Donald Trump from the Senate, Farley explained that she voted for him and thinks that his treatment by certain parts of the media has been very unfair.


“I have stated publicly that I will support President Trump and work with the administration when his policies benefit New York and negotiate for a better deal when they do not. For example, I fully support the President’s decision to withdraw from the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. This agreement allowed the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to develop its ballistic missile program in secret while economic sanctions were lifted. Those missiles and other weapons could be trained on New York next, and that’s why I supported President Trump’s recent action to reimpose the sanctions previously lifted under the Iran Nuclear Deal,” Farley told The Gateway Pundit.

Explaining the issues that are the most important to her, Farley said that she believes “New Yorkers are being taxed too much, represented too little and shortchanged consistently by Washington insiders.”

“Each year New York’s taxpayers are forced to pay $48 billion more in taxes than they get back from the federal government. Legal theft of this kind has real-world costs: Our state lost 1 million people, as well as the jobs and revenue they created, in the last 10 years,” Farley explained. My opponent, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, stood by and watched this exodus. She’s offered hollow excuses and no action. I’m a businesswoman who negotiates for a living. I’ll recover the $48 billion owed to our state every year and fight to make New York a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Farley is also a hardcore advocate for term-limits, so much so that she has personally vowed to only serve two terms if she is elected.

“Where I come from in the private sector, you either do your job or you go home. We hold millions of everyday Americans to the same standard — why not our representatives? I’m a mother and a businesswoman, not a career politician,” Farley said. “Unlike Kirsten Gillibrand, I won’t decamp to Washington, DC and forget where I came from and the families I took an oath to serve. That’s why I’ve pledged to serve two terms, accomplish what I set out to do, and turn the office over to new blood and new ideas.”

Taking aim directly at who her campaign has almost Trumpianly nicknamed  ‘Slippery’ Senator Kirsten ‘Jell-O-Brand’, Farley stated that Gillibrand is too busy trying to set up a presidential campaign to advocate for her constituents. She also referred to Gillibrand’s calls to abolish ICE as a “reckless idea” that would “empower criminal alien gangs like MS-13.”

“Senator Gillibrand has embraced a socialist platform. She’s not working for New Yorkers because she’s too busy running for President. One particularly shocking example of her single-minded focus on the White House has been her recommendation to fellow Democrats that the ‘first thing’ her party should do if they flip the House and Senate in November is to ‘get rid of ICE,’” Farley began. “Abolishing ICE is a reckless idea. It directly threatens communities on Long Island and elsewhere in my state. Gillibrand’s dangerous agenda would empower criminal illegal alien gangs like MS-13. I am opposed to playing politics with our law enforcement and I think Gillibrand should be held accountable for the damage her anti-ICE policy would cause.”

While she is not a career politician, Farley is anything but inexperienced. According to her website, she has served as the New York State Republican Party’s New York City Finance Chair and is a member of several corporate boards, where she focuses on financial responsibility and limiting spending.

“I’m proud to be a Republican woman running for office. My race against Senator Gillibrand is one of the most high-profile contests between two women in the country. I think more women should get involved in politics, particularly in states like New York threatened by one-party rule,” Farley said. “I’ve been thrilled with the response our campaign has received, especially from women sick and tired of Democrat politicians like Kirsten Gillibrand using them for political advantage. They want a real advocate who has a record of getting things done. Please join our movement today at”

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