Hypocritical Liberal Media and Activists Now Pressuring Periscope to Drop Infowars

Soros-backed Media Matters for America, the far-left attack dog that gives marching orders for other Democrat media, is now digging up old tweets and videos to pressure Periscope into dropping Infowars.

The move comes just after Democrats insisted that this was an unethical tactic when used by the right to call out James Gunn for his pro-pedophilia “jokes” and New York Times writer Sarah Jeong for her extreme racism.

The coordinated attack on Infowars by liberal activists, media, and Big Tech has been extremely successful in the past few days — with the outlet not only being censored, but also having their business infrastructure targeted.


On Tuesday afternoon, the activists at MMFA published an article blasting Periscope for continuing to host views and opinions that challenge their own. The outlet linked to a July 25 video in which Alex Jones blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller, calling him a “demon” for not arresting pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The video that MMFA is using to target the outlet is currently still online.


“In recent days, several broadcasting platforms including YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, and Facebook have banned Jones for violating their content policies. Twitter and Periscope, however, have not taken action against Jones,” the MMFA activist wrote, in a not-so-subtle attempt to shame the tech giant.

Twitter, which owns Periscope, is one of the last Big Tech companies to resist the coordinated censorship.

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