Gay Mafia Attacks “Queer Eye” Star for Suggesting that “Not All Republicans are Racist”

Netflix star Jonathan Van Ness from “Queer Eye” found out all about the tolerance on the left this week after he tweeted out that “not all Republicans are racist.”

The gay mafia let him have it.

That’s how far gone the Democrat Party is today.
Very sick and mean people.

The Wrap reported:

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness had to defend himself on Wednesday after he was ripped for urging his fans to be tolerant of other ideas and saying that not all Republicans were evil and racist.

Van Ness decided to get political on Twitter following the results of Tuesday’s primary results.

“Luckily a lot [of] extreme right people won yesterday, meaning that if we can come up w center left candidates we can take back the house & senate, not to mention many state legislatures. It is so important for the left to not go too left or we are done for,” he said.

“Not all republicans are racist,” he added later. “Just like not all democrars [sic] are evil, we have to stop demonizing each other,” he continued. “Unless you’re actually racist then you suck, Trump is Racist – not all his voters are necessarily we gotta remember we are all in this together.”

Jonathan followed that up with this tweet.


And that’s when the gay mafia decided he must be destroyed.

At least there were several moderates on the right who were there to support Jonathan.

Maybe one day he will realize which side represents tolerance.

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