GAMER TURNS KILLER=> 24-Year-Old David Katz Shoots Two Dead – Then Kills Himself at Madden NFL Tournament

Gamer turned killer David Katz, 24 – photo: Drudge Report

Sunday afternoon, police responded to a ‘mass shooting’ at Jacksonville Landing in Florida which left 3 dead and 11 wounded.

According to witnesses, the killer, David Katz, began shooting shortly after he lost the Madden NFL gaming tournament.

Footage and audio of the shooting the moment it happened during a livestream at the Madden NFL tournament was captured.

A red laser dot appeared on the player wearing the red sweatshirt the moment the shooting started (video below).

Jacksonville police confirmed three deceased individuals were located at the scene at Jacksonville Landing on Sunday evening.

Among the deceased is the killer, 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, MD.

Single suspect is a white male. Pending confirmation, we believe the suspect is a 24-year-old, David Katz from Baltimore, MD. FBI is assisting us in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville police reported.

David Katz’s vehicle was impounded.

The Daily Mail has more details on David Katz:

David Katz, 24, killed himself and two others, and left 11 people injured in the chaotic shooting at the Jacksonville Landing complex in Jacksonville at around 1.34pm on Sunday, police said.

An official close to the investigation said that the gunman killed himself with the semi-auto handgun used in the shooting, which had a laser sight.

A livestream of the tournament caught the chilling moment that a laser landed on the chest of one of the players before shots rang out.

Nine of the non-fatal injuries were gunshot wounds and two were sustained while fleeing the chaos, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said.

Williams said that Katz is from Baltimore and had traveled to Jacksonville for the video gaming tournament. His car was seized by police near the scene.

Katz is known to have gone by the gamer monikers ‘RavensChamp’, ‘Bread’ and ‘TREXHAVAHARTATAK’. He won the Madden 17 Bills Club Championship in February of 2017 in Buffalo, New York.

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