FBI Describes Mueller Deep State Raid on Manafort’s Home in Pre-Dawn Hours — FOR DOCUMENTS HE ALREADY TURNED OVER

FBI special agent Matthew Mikuska described in court on Wednesday the Deep State pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort’s home.

The FBI stormed his home with weapons drawn.

The FBI agents insisted on searching Kathleen Manafort for weapons for the alleged financial crimes of her husband.

The documents seized included materials Manafort had already provided to the US Congress,

Jeff Sessions has been AWOL as the Deep State FBI wreaks havoc against innocent Americans.

The Washington Examiner reported:

FBI special agent Matthew Mikuska testified in court in Alexandria, Va., saying he was the seizing agent for the government’s search last year.

Mikuska told the jury agents knocked three times on Manafort’s door, but used a key to gain access after receiving no answer. Once inside, agents saw Manafort.

Their warrant to search the apartment, Mikuska said, was not a “no-knock” warrant.

Mikuska described the apartment as “luxury” and spanning more than 2,000 square feet, with three bedrooms, an office, and large closet spaces.

Uzo Asonye of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia questioned Mikuska about the trove of documents they seized during the search.

Documents the government obtained include loan agreements, loan applications, and invoices for work on several properties along the East Coast that Manafort owns.

One draft invoice was for $115,000 in upgrades for a property in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., while another was for $49,000 from a home improvement company for work to be done on a house in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Judge T. S. Ellis III challenged prosecutors over how the draft invoices and documents tied to the charges against Manafort.

At the start of the second day of Manafort’s trial, Ellis also took issue with the use of the term “oligarch” to describe the various Ukrainians who paid Manafort for his work there.

Ellis said the term is typically used to describe members of despotic regimes. But under the prosecution and defense’s use of the term in court, Ellis said George Soros and Charles Koch would both be described as oligarchs – people who have a lot of money.

Ellis urged lawyers for both sides to avoid using the term and instead told them to say “he financed it.”

Manfort and his lawyers were cooperating with the Mueller henchmen at the time of the Deep State raid.
There was no need for the abusive and threatening tactics by Dirty Cop Robert Mueller.

As Mike Cernovich said in September 2017, this is a violation of due process guaranteed to every American citizen.

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