Far Left Garbage Website Vox.com Warns of Racist Alt-Right Army of 24 Million or 11 Million or Something…

Earlier Friday junk website Vox.com published a garbage piece claiming — through their super-scientific secret research — they found there are currently 24 million alt-right Nazi-racists in the United States of America.

The white supremacist Nazis are barely able to get 20 people at most rallies but Vox.com wants you to believe they are 24 million strong!

Mike Cernvich said this about the junk report:

“Because the rallies are tiny, and the left wing needs a boogeyman to scare companies into social media censorship, and also to raise money for “non-profits,” Vox is now claiming that the alt-right is 24 million people.”

Two hours later Vox.com reeled in their numbers and the report now says there are 11 million white supremacist Nazi types in the USA.


And Vox.com wants you to believe the alt-right is a major threat in America.

In the Vox.com reportsays the alt-right racist army is 24 million 11 million strong and is NOT a fringe group.
The study is based its results partly by asking participants if they think white people are ever marginalized (something done daily by the liberal media),
And then they get the results they were looking for.

This is the garbage being pushed by the fake news today.

What complete trash.

MEANWHILE IN THE REAL WORLD… 544 Violent Attacks By Far Left Thugs.

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