Even The Young Turks Are Accusing Cory Booker Of Lying About Why He Was Holding An Anti-Israel Sign

Hosts of the far-left political commentary show The Young Turks have accused Senator Cory Booker of lying about his claim that he did not realize he was holding an anti-Israel sign when he posed with activists at the progressive Netroots Nation conference.

The sign the New Jersey senator and likely contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was photographed holding read, “From Palestine to Mexico, All the Walls Have Got to Go.”

After speaking with members of the anti-Israel group U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (a group that endorses the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) during the New Orleans conference last weekend, Booker happily took a photo holding their sign.


Once the outrage began, he backpedaled and claimed he didn’t read it before posing with it. His office also denounced the sign within hours of it going viral on Twitter.

“Just before delivering a speech in New Orleans, Senator Booker was approached by dozens of people for photos,” Jeff Giertz, a spokesperson for Booker, said in a statement.

“In one instance, amid the rush, he was posing for a photo and was passed a sign to hold – he didn’t have time to read the sign, and from his cursory glance he thought it was talking about Mexico and didn’t realize it had anything to do with Israel,” Giertz said. “He hopes for a day when there will be no need for security barriers in the State of Israel, but while active terrorist organizations threaten the safety of the people living in Israel, security barriers are unfortunate but necessary to protect human lives.”

It isn’t just the right that is calling BS on his claim. The Young Turks urged the senator to just be honest about it.

“Please stop insulting our intelligence,” TYT founder Cenk Uygur began. “So, apparently this is a group that is the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights and they had a conversation with Booker before taking the picture. So, he knew they were arguing in favor of Palestinian rights, it wasn’t that it was just for Mexico. Look, he’s a saavy guy. Sometimes right-wingers come take pictures with me and they go ‘oh haha,’ how the hell would I know who you are? That’s a different thing, right. If you ask me to hold a sign — I usually look at the sign, because I know the tricks that people play.”

Uygur continued on to say that even if he was careless in taking the photo, it’s “no big deal,” and that he clearly knew what the sign had said.

“Can you please not lie about it?” Uygur urged the senator,

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