Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Wants to Read Emails Between Manafort and Former Lawyer

What attorney-client privilege?

Robert Mueller is now gunning for emails exchanged between Paul Manafort and one of his former lawyers.

Mueller’s team wants to read emails between Paul Manafort and one of his former lawyers, reported Politico.

The unnamed former lawyer could also be forced to testify in the upcoming D.C. trial where Manafort has been charged with failing to register as a foreign agent while he was lobbying on behalf of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Mueller’s prosecutors previously obtained a warrant to get their hands on a tranche of Manafort’s emails and handed them over to a “taint team” of lawyers to sift through ‘privileged’ messages.

“Counsel for Mr. Manafort did not respond to the Taint Team’s inquiry, but later claimed to be asserting privilege over all communications between Mr. Manafort” and his attorney, Mueller’s team wrote.

In a court motion Wednesday, Mueller’s prosecutors argued that Manafort’s emails are a special case and that attorney-client privilege shouldn’t apply, according to Politico.

Mueller’s team argued Manafort enlisted the help from a lawyer to commit a crime –therefore attorney-client privilege should be waived.

The special counsel asked the court’s permission to review “four documents.” It’s not clear what those messages contain. The sections of the motion that appear to describe them are redacted.

Mueller may also be going after Paul Manafort for the 10 deadlocked charges after a jury was unable to resolve all 18 counts against Manafort.

On Wednesday, Mueller’s team filed a motion asking for more time and noted they are waiting for Manafort’s defense lawyers to file their post-trial motions, reported Politico.

A second trial in Washington D.C. which is set to begin September 24th (after a delay) can bring additional charges and prison time for Manafort.

Amy Berman Jackson, the corrupt Obama-appointed judge was assigned to the Manafort’s D.C. case.

The President said last week he is considering issuing a pardon for Paul Manafort.

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