DC Candidate Amanda Beale Deletes Twitter Account After Gateway Pundit Report on Her Campaign Fundraising Off of Brutal Beating of White Woman

Amanda Beale, a candidate for the Washington, D.C., Advisory Neighborhood Council 8E02, deleted her Twitter account following a report by The Gateway Pundit about her tweets cheering and fundraising off of the brutal beating of an elderly white woman who was attacked by passengers on the X2 Metrobus last Tuesday and then beaten bloody after she got off the bus when she called the harassing passengers the ‘n-word.’

Screen image shows elderly white woman in a bloody heap on the sidewalk after beating for saying the ‘n-word’.

The excerpted video shows the woman saying she didn’t want to listen to the music that a rider was playing (against Metro rules, BTW) and saying to someone arguing with her, “you just fucking smacked my head.” A passenger replies, telling her to “shut-up”. The woman gets up and several riders yell at her to get off the bus. It is then the woman responds with the ‘n-word’, saying “…nigger-asses.”


Beale had posted a copy of the video with her comments cheering the attack and then added reply tweets seeking donations for her ANC campaign.

Amanda Beale, former Twitter avatar before August 19 TGP report.

Beale’s Twitter account @ABeale202 no longer exists as of August 20.

The texts of Beale’s tweets were reported by TGP in this article Sunday.

“This is what happens you call Black people “nigger” in chocolate city. Does anyone have the full video of this?”

“Like, in a city where racial tension is high, the last thing you want to do is say anything close to “ni..” Don’t even say Nickle..say 5 cent.”

“That’s why they built that streetcar lmao she ain’t listen. They tried to warn her.”

“👋🏾 DC residents and visitors. I’m running for ANC for my single-member District 8E02.

If you can, please donate no more than $25 to my campaign to help with supplies and promo items. https://fundly.com/amanda-beale-for-anc-8e02?ft_src=twtshare_mobile … #fundly via @Fundly”

“Please only donate, if you can use your real name and again, I can’t not legally accept more than $25.
For more info on who I am and why I am running, visit my website”

The video has been copied and posted to YouTube.

The woman was reported hospitalized with cuts to her head but was expected to survive.

The X2 Metrobus, which runs from Minnesota Avenue in Northeast D.C. to Chinatown in Downtown Northwest, is a notoriously dangerous bus line, so bad that black passengers are afraid of other black passengers.

The Washington Post reported in June a pregnant woman was attacked and beaten by a passenger on the X2 Metrobus, resulting in a miscarriage.

Amanda Beale’s campaign site was still up as of Monday afternoon. An explanation of ANCs can be found at this link.

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