Conservative Journalists Receive Warning From Twitter After Publishing Damning Articles on Feinstein and Crooked Hillary

Conservative journalists received bizarre warnings from Twitter this week after posting their damning articles on two of the most crooked female politicians in Washington, Crooked Hillary Clinton and Dianne Chi-Com Feinstein. 

The highly respected investigative journalist, Byron York received a warning from Twitter that his account had been investigated, but found not to have violated its abusive speech code after he posted his article on new Bruce Ohr emails which of course further exposed Hillary’s plot to spy on her political opponent during the 2016 election.

Byron York posted a photo of the message from Twitter side-by-side with the photo of his tweet that was on the receiving end of a massive reporting campaign.

Mr. York tweeted out his article with the caption, “Emails raise clear question of whether Steele was working with/for Russian oligarch Deripaska at same time Steele was compiling dossier–and whether Justice Department, along with Simpson, Fusion GPS, was part of the project.”

Apparently this triggered the left-wing attack machine, possibly with the help of bots to mass report his tweet.

Byron York tweeted: Big relief: @Twitter informs me I have been investigated but found not to have violated its abusive speech code. (Notification and problematic tweet, seen below, involved new evidence on origin of Trump dossier.)

The attack on Byron York was not an isolated incident.

Benjamin Weingarten, a writer for The Federalist, received the same warning from Twitter after he posted a very damning exposé on Dianne Chi-Com Feinstein’s deep connections to China through her husband, Richard Blum’s Chinese investments.

Benjamin Weingarten tweeted: So Twitter received a complaint regarding my tweet about my story on Sen Feinstein’s (and her husband’s) longtime #China ties, pro-China positions (economically, militarily, rhetorically) and profits from investing in China. Who’s afraid of the truth?

Neither Mr. Weingarten or Mr. York violated Twitter’s ‘Terms of Service’ so why did Twitter even bother sending them messages with such warnings?

Weingarten said the following of Twitter’s subtle ‘warning’ to anyone exposing the corruption in DC:

These attacks may be coming from Feinstein’s camp–it is important to note Feinstein is tied to Fusion GPS corruption through her former Senate Intel staffer Daniel Jones.

The tech tyrants at Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are targeting conservatives with various intimidation tactics such as suspensions, shadowbanning and full bans as we near the 2018 midterms.

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