Jim Acosta Calls For Protest at White House: “It’s Un-American to Call Press Enemy of People” (VIDEO)

Chaos erupted inside of the press briefing room Thursday as reporters clashed with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

CNN’s resident clown Jim Acosta tried to pressure Sarah Sanders by asking her to publicly declare that the press is not the “enemy of the American people” as President Trump often says.

Of course President Trump is referring to the fake news media because all they do is lie–yes, the liars in the main stream media are the enemy of the American people.

Sanders refused to bow down to Acosta and the press pool erupted into chaos.

On journalist said of Sarah Sanders after the briefing, ‘She’s going to get us killed’ reported the Daily Mail.

Another reporter lashed out at Sarah Sanders and brought up the five people killed at the Capital Gazette, even though the gunman had a longtime vendetta against the newspaper.

‘Tell that to the five dead journalists in Maryland.’

Jim Acosta then went on a long winded rant and called for a protest at the White House after the briefing.

“I’ll say that the press is not the enemy of the people,” Acosta said. “And, you know, I think maybe we should make some bumper stickers, make some buttons, you know, maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant ‘CNN Sucks and ‘Fake News,’ maybe we should go out, all journalists, should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant, ‘We’re not the enemy of the people.'”

“Because I’m tired of this,” he went on. “Honestly, Brooke, I’m tired of this. It is not right. It is not fair. It is not just. It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people, and Ivanka Trump knows that. I don’t know why her father doesn’t, and I don’t know why this press secretary doesn’t. I mean, she got yelled at at a restaurant in Virginia. I’m sorry about that. I feel badly for her that happened. That comedian at the correspondent’s dinner said some unpleasant things about her. I’m sorry about that. She ought to hear some of the things that were said to me the other night in Tampa … It would be nice if we all lowered the temperature a little bit but at the very least, I think we should all be able to agree on one thing, and that is the press is not the enemy of the people. Fellow Americans are not the enemy of fellow Americans, and, you know, forgive me for going on a rant, but I think that they’ve lost sight of that here at this White House.”

Acosta also whined from his Twitter account.


Partial transcript and video via the Free Beacon.

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