BREAKING: NO VERDICT on Day 3 of Manafort Deliberations – ‘Manafort is Happy to Heart’

After three days of deliberations, the jury still had not reached a verdict on Monday evening, marking day 15 of the tax evasion and bank fraud case against Paul Manafort.

The jurors will reconvene Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM ET.

‘No verdict yet….Jurors looked a bit tired this evening as they filed in and out of the courtroom,’ reported Brandi Buchman of Courthouse News.

No verdict yet. Jurors will reconvene tomorrow at 9:30 AM. Jurors looked a bit tired this evening as they filed in and out of the courtroom.

Earlier Monday morning there were two bench conferences with attorneys from both sides – both sealed. The contents of both conf’s will be released after trial concludes, per Judge Ellis.

Kevin Downing says Paul Manafort is ‘happy to heart’ jury will deliberate another day.

Via Legal reporter for Politico Josh Gerstein: Manafort lawyer Kevin Downing says Manafort ‘happy to heart’ jury will deliberate another day. Also said it was a ‘very good day.’ Asked if the continuing deliberations were a good sign for Manafort, Downing said: ‘We believe so.’

Last Friday, CNN, Wapo and Buzzfeed filed a motion demanding the names and addresses of the Manafort jurors be released to the public.

Judge Ellis, a Reagan appointee, promptly declined the motion from CNN then revealed he has received threats, however; he did not provide details.

Because of the threats, Judge Ellis declined a motion by WaPo, CNN and Buzzfeed to unseal jurors names, reported Courthouse News reporter Brandi Buchman.

Judge Ellis told the courtroom the jurors were “scared” and “afraid” so he decided not to allow their names be released to the public.

This story is still breaking…please check back for updates.

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