BREAKING: JUDGE DECLARES MISTRIAL ON 10 COUNTS – Jury Finds Manafort Guilty on 8 Counts



After four days of deliberations, the jury reached a verdict on 8 counts and could not make a decision on 10 counts in the tax evasion and bank fraud case against Paul Manafort.

Judge Ellis declared a mistrial on 10 counts. The verdict will be read on 8 counts.

Via Shimon Prokupecz: “Manafort jury has reached a verdict on 8 counts, can’t reach consensus on 10 counts.

Judge Ellis said he will ask each juror their feelings about reaching a verdict. If they all say they cannot, Ellis says he would likely declare a mistrial on 10 counts and have the verdict read on the remaining 8 counts.

Judge Ellis declared a mistrial on 10 counts. The verdict will be read on 8 counts.

The jury found Manafort guilty on 8 counts.

Manafort found guilty of tax of first count of tax fraud.

Manafort found guilty of 5 tax fraud charges, 1 charge of hiding foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud.

Update: Court has recessed, no sentencing date for Manafort has been set yet. No comment from prosecutors about what they plan to do with mistrial charges. They have until Aug. 29 to say what they plan to do about those charges.

Paul Manafort’s lawyer Kevin Downing said Manafort is weighing his options.


The jury began day four of deliberations on Tuesday morning at 9:30 ET marking day 16 of the trial.

At around 11:30 ET, the jury handed the court a note stating they were struggling to come to a unanimous decision on at least one or more counts.

Via Courthouse News reporter Brandi Buchman:

“Jury has submitted a note, asking “what if we can’t come to consensus on a single count?” They have also asked for a new verdict form. We’re now on a brief recess as attys review the instructions offered by Ellis.”

The note said: The jury submitted a note which said: “Your honor if we cannot come to a consensus for a single count, how should we fill in the verdict form? What does that mean for verdict. And we will need another verdict form.”

Ellis told attorneys – without jurors present – that he can take a partial verdict but following this brief recess, when he asks the jury to come back in, he’s going to read off instructions from a case called U.S. v Sawyer for reference.

Then he’s going to send jurors back to deliberate.
If they can’t come to a unanimous decision on this one count, he’ll ask where they stand on the other counts.

Ellis has given instructions to jurors and asked them to come to a consensus on all counts. If they cannot, after further deliberation, Ellis said they will “cross that bridge” when they come to it.

Update: When the jury has returned, Judge Ellis read from the Sawyer instructions.

Update: Judge Ellis asked the attorneys if they had any objections to the instructions he was prepared to give. Only Manafort’s lawyer Kevin Downing did.

Update: Manafort’s lawyer suggested that jurors be given a new form with a third option of “hung” as to each count. Mueller’s prosecutor Greg Andres said he wished to see the jury continue deliberating.


More on the jury’s note handed to the judge via FOX News:

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